3 Plus Size Ladies Who Are Not Ashamed Of Their Body Size.

Oftentimes, being a fat and chubby person can attract some body-shaming comments from trolls who tend to make a mockery of your statue. There are female celebrities who, despite their weight, body shape, and size, still go ahead with their careers.

1. Lizzo

This popular American model has been abused many times by people, but still came out of the blue to disclose how she overcame it. She no longer cares about the size of her body, as she is seen slaying in different gorgeous outfits and still modeling as each day goes by.

2. Tess Holiday

This American model made emphasis on how she loved her body size. However, the model made it known to trolls that she was not going to accept any rude comments coming from them. She has been seen flaunting herself in different pictures she uploads on Instagram. 

3. Julianna Mazzaei

This lady in 2018 made claims that she was in love with her body shape. She admitted that she was fat and didn’t mind. Julianna is seen still slaying in various bikini outfits, just like other ladies do, and this has increased her confidence.

They are all beautiful ladies and people should learn to respect them no matter what.

Kindly share your thoughts with us.

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